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 Title: Specular Regeneration. (Acrylic on Box Canvas 90x90cm x5cm) Painted sides. (no frame required) 2018 1850
Specular Regeneration
Specular Regeneration 

Specular Regeneration. With this canvas I'm suggesting old and tired perhaps disorderly is being replaced with shiny and new, in real time. A sense of future place or instance of a place being generated by a technology. Place could be a cityscape or an exponentially evolving set of ideas, numbers or patterns. Much of my design work is created with the help of technology, as well as a lot of other software I use an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to manipulate and randomise the digital images I create. When an image conveys the mood I'm trying to convey, I'll pick up the brushes and transfer it to canvas as a painting.

Dylan Cotton Painting
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