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Dylan Cotton. BA (Born 1969) is an English painter currently working from his studio in North Cornwall. UK

My practice makes good use of technology at almost every stage, it's a great tool for the augmentation of my creative output. This is a collaboration that brings a randomness and a level of complexity I'd unlikely to be able to achieve without the technology. Much of my current research is centred around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the role it can have in art. I think it's early days, but the technology looks like it will help artists deliver extraordinary new inspirations and methods of expression.

I paint mainly with acrylics and oils on canvas, embracing excess with large high-colour maximalist images. I draw energy from the human achievements I see now and those I envisage for the future. I describe my work as an ungoverned composite of influences with a glow of Neo-Futurism edging into the foreground. I am not a political/social artist but I'm drawn to the idea of the future and our safe transition into it.

Rated Artists:
Mario Klingemann, Sean Skully, Anna Ridler, Wassily Kandinsky, Howard Hodgkin, Zaha Hadid, Mark Rothko, Vicken Parsons, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Paul Nash, JMW Turner, Paul Cezanne, Will Cotton, Basil Blackshaw

Artistic Style:
Abstract, influenced by Cubism and Surrealism, with more than a hint of futurism ever-present. Architecture and place also play an essential role in augmenting narrative and aesthetic substance.

Short Biography

dylan cotton at work

1969 Born in Devon, England.

Grows up in a tough working-class area of Plymouth, Southern England. Influenced by the paintings he sees in the city museums and civic buildings, the 7-year-old schoolboy wants to become an artist.

1985 Left school with an Art CSE Grade 1. Tried hard as an artist for several years but could not build enough momentum.

1990 Became interested in computers, graphics and related early software.

1996 - 2004 Co-Founder & Artistic Director: Gamescape Studios LTD. (Ground breaking art & graphics for video games)

2005 - 2019 Sole Trader. Dylan Cotton Artworks: Studios in Bristol & now Cornwall. Multiple galleries and numerous exhibitions, street art, public murals and commercial commissions.

2019 - Onward: There are no limits. "The opportunities that exist to create fresh art are better than ever."

Higher Education

Falmouth School of Art. Falmouth University.
Degree Gained: Plymouth University Fine Art BA (Hons)

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