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My practice makes good use of technology at almost every stage, it's a great tool for the augmentation of my creative process. This collaboration brings a randomness and level of complexity I'd unlikely be able to achieve without the technology. Much of my current research in centred around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the role it can have in art. I've recently had success in using an AI algorithm during the creation of several new paintings, I think it's early days, but the technology looks like it will help artists deliver extraordinary new inspirations and methods of expression.

I paint on canvas with acrylics and sometimes oils, embracing excess with large high-colour maximalist images. I draw energy from the human achievements I see now and those I envisage for the future. I describe my work as an ungoverned composite of influences with Neo-Futurism firmly asserted into the foreground.
 Micro Fusion The Perfectionist Cotton Kandy
Dylan Cotton Painting Dylan Cotton paintings Dylan Cotton painting
Quadrilateral Code Midway Discriminator v Generator
Dylan Cotton paintings Dylan Cotton painting Dylan Cotton painting
Specular Regeneration Compostion RW12 Composition RW06
Specular Regeneration Composition RW02 Compostion RW06
Composition RW07 Composition RW11 Wired Warhol
Composition RW07 Composition RW11 Dylan Cotton painting
Composition RW08  SOLD Composition RW02 SOLD Composition RW09  SOLD
Fourth Revolution-2027 Fourth Revolution-2026 Attentional Generative
Dylan Cotton Painting Dylan Cotton painting Attentional Generative

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